This weekend Clara asked me to make her a paper airplane. The only paper I could find was a small stack of notes from Engineering school. So, I sat with her on the floor in the living room and folded about five different designs. I was shocked to find that my hands moved automatically to recreate these origami shapes that I have not constructed since I was in Middle School.

When I started to fold the last plane I hesitated and glanced over the engineering notes on the paper I was folding. They were complete gibberish. Numbers, shapes, total nonsense. I have a degree in this stuff, and I had no clue what was going on at all. I have no memory of its importance or use. While I was still trying to figure it out a tiny but vital part of my brain sighed, pushed me aside, and creased the sheet into a perfect Intergalactic Bird.

Children are persistent. I am convinced, there is no such thing as a grown up.