Clara was sitting on the bed next to her mother and her younger sister. She was obviously thinking about something as her eyes were noticeably out of tune with the world. This matched her hair which was its typical morning bramble of broken antenna. I was just pondering what scrambled bits of data she was receiving from the mother ship when slowly she drifted back into consciousness and decided to share her thoughts with us.

“I’m glad a little boy is coming to live with us.” She began. “Because then they will be able to help us with our family church time. You know, he can help say prayers or preach or something.”

I nodded and we all agreed that this would be good for everyone.

The girls often play church at home, and I guess they are getting bored of taking turns leading singing for a one member congregation.

“Yes.” she continued. “And then maybe we can have more children to get even bigger and bigger. I mean, lots of children. Like 60 and 90 children.” She motioned with her arms, as if she were Moses parting the sea, the first born from an ocean of followers.

For a stunned moment I had a vision of our family. Now with 60 and 90 children. In my sudden prophetic insight, we were living in a fenced compound in Arizona. I, as the sole grown male and financial provider for the family was standing in the center of a well lit room sharing a message of peace with my myriad of children and the additional young wives that would be required to accomplish so many kids so quickly. Through a dark window I was motioning towards the moon making a point concerning a light that shines in a dark place, and as everyone turned to look we all fell silent as we watched in awe. There on the horizon, rising like the sun over a nearby hill, the inevitable approach of an even greater light. The terrifying and yet beautiful flashing lights of an FBI motorcade.

I shivered away the image from my mind. I had prepared for minivans. I had prepared to no longer sit in a booth at a restaurant. I was already creating a monthly budget just for birthday parties. But this is a slippery slope I was not prepared to face.