Following the birth of Gideon, we had several visits from family and friends. Many of them brought us food to make life easier in the weeks post partum. Andrea however has still not come much further than the top of the stairs and has been taking meals in her room. This is how I was able to sneak a large box of Froot Loops into the house yesterday for the girls without her noticing. And the best part is, if she ever makes it to the kitchen and finds this criminal box of “froot”, I can easily blame its presence on Tanya Scott. It’s the perfect crime. And it’s logically consistent that Tanya would bring us a big box of Froot Loops along side a plate of sugar-free, gluten-free brownies. If Andrea ever finds out the truth about the Loops real origins, I will know it was because one of you told her. Or she reads my Facebook posts. Either way, someone is getting in trouble.

So, the girls and I were very excited to try out the new cereal this morning. Clara got out bowls while I pulled the box from its hiding place above the refrigerator. Lydia got spoons and had them dance happily at the table while she waited.

But as I poured the fruity florescent circles into Clara’s bowl she immediately frowned a little. “Oh…” she pouted. “I wish they hadn’t done that…”

I stopped pouring. “What do you mean?”

She placed her elbows on the table and then rested her face in her hands. “They only make them all colorful like that so they can sell them to children.”

I looked at Lydia. She shrugged, smiling, her spoon still deep in an Olympic figure skating routine.

I am a little shocked at how quickly Clara is growing up and maturing. It seems like just yesterday she was dancing in the cereal aisle with a box of Froot Loops on her head begging me to buy them to eat in the morning to celebrate her new baby brother, and then fainting with ecstatic joy when I agreed.