We decided to start seriously potty training Lydia yesterday. She took to it fairly well so far. She already prefers the big potty upstairs with a stool for access. But our family was hanging out downstairs last night and she was forced to use her small seat for the first time that day.

She was very excited, and we all clapped in encouragement when we heard her peeing.

She stood up triumphantly and then turned to examine her creation. Immediately her disapointment was apparent. Her little smile turned to a genuine frown and she stared at the floor in defeat as she slowly walked our direction.

“I’m sorry I didn’t fill the bucket Mommy.”

Maybe someday little girl. Maybe if you train hard, and drink lots and lots of fluids, you can pee half your body weight like a true Olympic champion. But let’s not jump too far ahead right now. Let’s master the basics of location and timing before we start to work on volume.