Lydia was having trouble falling asleep last night. So, I went in to lie down next to her in bed and tried to fill her mind with happy thoughts. I stroked her hair and told her about her friends, and about what they were doing. I talked to her about all of the fun things we have done recently and what we have planned in the next few weeks to look forward to. How she will get to play and spend time with family. The movies she can watch. The delicious foods we would get to eat and the fun toys we would play with.

I then reminded her that it will be her birthday soon. She will be turning three years old. She nodded and smiled softly with half closed eyes. She remembered this. She has already been planning.

“What do you want to do for your birthday?” I asked.

She became momentarily animated and leaned in towards me smiling broadly. She already knew the answer. It was as if it was right there on her mind the whole time. While thinking about being surrounded by friends and family, and all of her favorite foods and toys. She knew exactly what she wanted to have happen on her one special day. She already knew her one wish as she blew out the candles on her own special cake.

She whispered her secret in my ear and immediately fell asleep. Her mind no doubt filled with the ecstatic images of this dream. The pinnacle event of her young life, and she was ready for it. She was poised to embrace it.

“I want to get a calculator.” She said.

A calculator. Her words echoed in my mind as I rose and left the room.

Forgive me Lord for the mistakes that I have made, and the unnatural creatures I have unleashed upon this innocent world.