A few nights ago I happened into a rather serious conversation with Clara about the circle of life.

I told her about how Lydia was having a birthday soon and would be 3 years old.  She used to be a tiny baby, but now she is a little girl.  I told her about how Gideon wouldn’t be a baby for much longer, and someday Titus the dog will not be around anymore.  We discussed how she and Lydia would someday grow up and get married to some nice guys and they would have babies of their own.  And then someday, when ever God decides it is right, Mom and Dad will not be here anymore.

She nodded while she listened.  So I asked her, “Did you know that while you are getting older, Daddy is also getting older?”

She looked up suddenly with a bright smile, “Really Daddy?!”  She was far too excited and gave me a big hug, “Oh Daddy, I am so happy for you!”

I was a little confused by her reaction to this news.  So, I asked her to clarify what she had heard.  “Clara,” I said, “Why are you suddenly so happy?”

She leaned back and looked at me with starry eyes.  “Well, I thought this was as big as you were going to get.”