I was unfolding a card table last night when Lydia came running up excited about what she believed was a large foldable chair.

Clara was sitting nearby and rolled her eyes at her little sister, “Lydia, that is not a chair. It is the complete opposite of a chair.” She giggled to herself. Then she looked at the wall blankly and considered what she had said. “Well… maybe it’s not actually the opposite of a chair. But, it’s the opposite of… um…” she trailed off and tried to divert her eyes away from her sister and I who were still patiently waiting for her answer.

Finally, she snapped into action. “Oh! It’s the complete opposite of a NON-TABLE!” She jumped in the air and pumped her arms as if she had just “Nailed it.” and had won Gold in the opposites event of the Nerd Olympics.