Clara and Lydia are very excited about their uncles’ Lord of the Rings themed birthday party this evening. The youngest of them came twirling up to me last night to tell me about their costumes.

“We are going to be Sugar Plum Fairies!” Lydia stammered excitedly up at me, her blue eyes wide with joy.

“Oh, Sugar Plum Fairies, huh? At a Lord of the Rings party? That sounds non canon. Have you been talking to Peter Jackson again?”

“Yep.” She nodded, completely ignoring my joke, as usual. “We even have butterfly wings!”

“Oh wow.”

“Yeah.” She continued, “I love Sugar Plum Fairies!” And then she stared into nothingness as if recalling a memory and quietly added, “I ate one before and it was delicious.” Her tongue appeared and ran a slow circle around her lips.

I knelt down and watched her, waiting for this strange memory to pass and for her eyes to come back into focus. Finally, she looked back at me and giggled.

“Maybe you guys should go dressed as trolls.” I said, as I spread my arms wide for a hug.