I walked into the room to find Clara and Lydia sitting in the middle of the floor huddled around something with their backs to me. The two of them were involved in some sort of quiet disagreement. As I entered, Clara turned and said, “Oh good. Daddy, Can you eat rabbits?”

I hesitated for a moment, surprised by the question. “What do you mean?”

I mean, “Is it possible to eat a rabbit?”

I sat down in a chair across from them and leaned forward. “Oh, then yeah. You can eat rabbits.”

“I knew it!” She said triumphantly. Then she lifted a book above her head and showed me the page they were looking at. “Then why is HE-” She pointed to the picture of a kitten sitting on a stack of hay “-not eating HIM?” she pointed to a fluffy baby rabbit sitting next to him staring up at the moon. She quickly closed the cover of the book and tossed it aside.

So, nice try writer of the children’s book ‘By The Light of the Silvery Moon’. Maybe next time you should do a little bit more research.