Clara walked up this evening while I was playing a game. She arrived right at the moment when the character in the game was having to fighting off an army of giant spiders.

“Oh, Clara, maybe you shouldn’t watch this right now. I don’t want you to get scared and have nightmares or something.” I paused the game.

“Dad,” she said. “Spiders aren’t scary. I only have nightmares when Lydia sleeps in my bed and won’t stop talking about rainbows.”

I turned the game off and turned to face the little girl. “Okay, I give up. Why would rainbows give you nightmares?”

She looked at the wall and sighed deeply. “Because rainbows reminds me of the rainbow popsicles you gave us that one time, and I didn’t like those popsicles, at all.”

I leaned in closer and held her shoulders gently. “Clara, the only reason you didn’t like the popsicles was because you were sick that day. Nothing tastes good when you are sick. And anyway, ‘Rainbows’ happens to be your little sister’s favorite color. So, you should probably get used to her talking about rainbows.”

The little girl scrunched her face into a knot and closed her eyes tightly. “Dad, can we please stop talking about Rainbows? I think I’m going to have nightmares now.”