On the night before Christmas we bundled our kids in some warm mittens, jackets and scarves.
And we took them out into the chilly dark air with fresh bread for some neighbors of ours.

It was a beautiful time, in spite of the weather,
Which bit at our noses and turned cheeks into leather.
But we joyfully carried our humble warm loaves
To seven sweet families that live next to our home.

Mr. Dan that helped with our shed roof and lawn,
And lonely Miss Debbie that talks till we yawn,
The new family who moved the previous day
to the house with poor drainage that leaks every May.

But the most magic of all were the final few gifts
That were chosen specifically for Clara’s new friends
As she begged us to take them up to one block away,
To the families of friends which she claims often to play.

And together our team made the most of the night,
A dark night spent sharing some pieces of light.
Exhausted we climbed up the porch that late evening,
And thanked God once more for the blessing of giving.