“I want to click on the little boy,” Lydia said as his image appeared. She leaned forward and poked him a few times with her finger. On the opposite side of me Clara lunged across my lap and pushed her sister aside, “No, I wanted to click on the boy this time!” She poked at the boy holding the balloon. Nothing happened. “I want to click him!” – “No, I’m clicking him.”

I forcefully spread my arms to stop the girls from fighting over who got to click on the boy. “Stop! Stop! That’s enough.”

They finally calmed down. I took a deep breath before continuing, “Okay, girls. I think you have had too much computer time today. I want you to do something different tomorrow. Go outside or play with toys or something like that. Okay?” They agreed glumly. “Also,” I continued, “And I want you to pay very close attention so you do not embarrass yourselves in the future. You can not ‘click’ on people in books. It doesn’t work that way. There is no reason to do that.”

They stared blankly down at the boy with the balloon in the book I was holding in my lap. I could tell from their pained expressions that they both still really wanted to click on him.