“…and Marshmallows.” Lydia smiled.

“No. Not Marshmallows, Lydia!” Her sister rolled her eyes. “Mushrooms! Mushrooms are not Marshmallows!” she laughed, and then she quickly realized her sister’s embarrassment for having claimed that there were marshmallows on our cheese burgers. “Oh, I’m sorry Lydia. It’s okay. I get mushrooms and marshmallows mixed up too sometimes. They are a lot alike.” She thought for a second while her little sister watched her expectantly, “Okay, they sound the same for one. And also they are both mooshy gooshy. And they are both kind of…” She made a strange motion with her hands. “Oh, and they both taste the same. See, they are a lot alike. Right Dad?” She called to me for support.

“Yes. I mean, kind of. I mean, I can’t agree with everything you just said, but I agree with the idea.”