“Clara,” I called into the backseat as we wound our way home, “I didn’t see you open your birthday presents at the party this evening.  What was your favorite gift?”

She thought for just a second and then answered confidently, “Okay, well it wasn’t exactly a present I opened, but my favorite thing was getting to snuggle with so many people.”  And then she listed them, as if they were a table of her favorite foods,  a rainbow of beautiful people pulled close to her heart and then held there.  Smiles shared like candy.  Laughter shared like fireworks.  “I snuggled with Grandma, and Granddaddy, and I got to snuggle with Brady and Aspen, and Erin and I snuggled together on the couch, and Isaac and Adam, and Jaina…”  She grinned, content and tired on her last evening as a five year old.

Six years Clara.  Six years and you already get it.  I am so proud to be the Daddy of such a special little girl.