We pulled into the garage late last night after a long evening with friends. The girls roused in their car seats and yawned while I reached back from the front to unbuckle them. They smiled dreamy smiles and waved at me slowly with their eyelashes. I smiled back. I was pleased to see that they were both waking up in a good mood, considering they were so exhausted and had only just recently fallen asleep on the dark ride home.

As I released the straps on Lydia’s seat and delicately helped her pull her arms free, she leaned casually towards her sister and said in a rather conversational tone, “Okay Clara, let’s go inside now so we can scream and cry and run around, alright.”

Clara yawned again and simply nodded.

I shook my head at them in dismay, “Guys. I’m like, right here.” but they ignored me. They were just two sleepy professionals, climbing off a bus and clocking in at the chaos factory. It must be so difficult living in their world full of such onerous responsibilities and obligations. Having to destroy things even when you are tired, and having to scream and cry even when you would rather just go to sleep.

I watched them slouch their way through the door pulling their coats off along the way. As the door closed behind them I heard the muted sounds of the youngest one as she started to scream, her coat caught on her arm as she tried to throw it behind the washing machine.