This evening in the car Lydia pulled a cat mask down over her eyes and nose and announced quietly, “I’m a ninja now!”

“You’re a what?” I said, glancing into the mirror.

“I’m a ninja!” She said, two sets of whiskers flopping up and down as she spoke.

I returned to my driving. “I can never keep up with how often you change, little girl. You are truely an enigma.”

After a brief moment of silence she transformed again. “Now I am me on the day I was borned!” And she began to shriek, a wall of noise that sounded like a pterodactyl riding on an out of tune dirt bike in mad circles around the backseat of the car. A shrill continuous cry that warped and blistered in our ears.

“Ah yes,” I grimaced in the chaos, “this is the Lydia I will never forget.”

Never change little girl. Never be afraid to shock the world. Be spontaneous. Be loud. Never change. Keep changing.