I stood in the darkness, my son in my arms. Darkness, and darkness, and silence. Behind us were steps leading up to an empty cabin, surrounding us were large black serrated silhouettes of trees. beyond them an impenetrable wall of dense grey clouds. We looked up at them, straight up, like we were looking out the barrel of an ancient gun still waiting to be fired. We were small, fragile, out of place, forgotten.

The boy leaned away and stared, jaw and eyes opened wide in the cold night. The wind passed by high overhead and the trees whispered a warning to the world. “Sssshhhhhhhhhhh…” they said softly. Giant paper wind chimes hanging vertically from the Earth. “Sssssshhhh…” they said again.

The boy’s eyes grew with the sound. He tilted his head to look at this father. “Sssssshhhhh…” said the child in soft recognition.

“Sssssshhhhh…” I repeated back in solemn agreement.

The night trembled in the presence of God, and obediently, we trembled with it.