Lydia looked up this evening and smiled. “Daddy,” she said quietly, “when I do this…” She rolled her eyes around in circles and made a clucking sound with her tongue, “When I do that it means I really really love you.”

I smiled down at the little girl and put an arm around her shoulders, “Awww.. thank you, sweetie.”

She nodded slightly and then continued, “Buuut,” she chewed on her lips softly like she does sometimes when she talks, “but… When I do this,” her eyes rolled around in circles again, and she reached up to scratch her neck for a few seconds. “When I do that, it means…” She hesitated for a few seconds, thinking. I waited with a furrowed brow. Any number of things could be coming at this moment. Finally she looked up and finished. “When I do that is means that I STILL love you, just my neck itches.”

I exhaled a breathe I hadn’t realized I had been holding in.

“I see,” I shook my head softly up and down.

This was all that was said on the subject. Already she was focussed on other things. Her mind wandering off on other meaningful conquests for the evening. But I’m glad her thoughts surfaced long enough to communicate these important coded phrases.