I don’t remember the song that was playing. I don’t even remember the time of day. But I remember them dancing. I remember the way they closed their eyes and felt the music as it flowed through the air around them like water. Their hands above their heads chasing the notes as they sailed to the left and to the right causing them to wiggle their fingers and twitch their heads softly. They were two souls possessed by the same spirit. And they were casting their joy toward me in the chair.

Lydia would flow. Her little brother would stomp. She would kick her leg and bend over backwards. He would dip to the floor and spin and come back up with a dizzy giggle. They were a team. Brother and sister united, separating, coming back together with a crash of drums.

They twirled in my direction and I saw as Lydia’s glittering eyes drifted around the room and came to rest on the arm of my chair. Her grin grew wider as some fantastic thought passed through her mind mingled with the rhythms of the song. She pirouetted. Bowed. Tiptoed towards me in a flourish. Her brother mimicked her motions a half beat behind her. the shadows pranced across the stage, one in a flowing pink princess dress, the second in brown overalls. Then suddenly in one smooth motion the little girl bent, sweeping her hand across the chair, grabbing an overfull coin purse in one of her tiny fists, spun in a half circle to face her brother, and with the clash of cymbal smashed it directly into his forehead.

The little man lifted into the air for a single glorious moment before landing flat on his back, his feet still hanging above him for what seemed like an impossibly long time before flopping to the ground. He remained there. Stunned. Staring wide eyed up at the ceiling. He blinked as his sister continued to dance through the room. Her delicate feet stepping around him on the floor as if he were just another discarded toy or misplaced pillow.

She danced on and on, a middle child now alone on the dance floor. A single shadow on the stage, posing gracefully on the back of the couch as the song came to an end.