I’ve been reading my kids Prince Caspian in the evenings. The girls love it, but they don’t really have much of a reference point to understand the difference between a gnome and a dwarf and a goblin or an elf, etc. So, they were fairly confused when this story included a very prominent dwarf character.

They asked me to describe what he looked like, and I did the best I could, gesturing about how high her was, and how he was rounder than a normalhuman. I could tell, they weren’t understanding me. I gave up. Imagination is great, but maybe it would only take them so far at this point. I knew there had been a movie, so I pulled out my phone and did a quick google image search for this character “Trumpkin”.

Okay, never Google image search for “Trumpkin”. Because what you will find is endless pages of pumpkins dressed like Donald Trump. Apparently Trumpkins are quite the craze. It is sweeping the nation. Everyone is making Trumpkins. Trumpkins are making America Great Again.

Needless to say, my girls ended up more confused. I tried to tell them that this was not actually a dwarf, but after three pages of grumpy orange heads, I don’t think they really believed me.

I do, somewhat, enjoy the fact that somewhere out there in the infinite timelines of a child’s mind, there is now a version of Prince Caspian where the heroes journey through Narnia added by a giant pumpkin with a toupee. I mean, why not? How is this any less believable than a creature that is half man and half horse? Or a kind hearted talking lion? Why not be lead by a giant talking gourd? *sigh*