Clara groaned and waved her hand dismissively at the DVD I had picked up from the bin at the store.

“What? It’s Donald Duck.”

“No. I just hate it when they do that. Why do they have to remake everything.”

I looked at the box to make sure of what I was holding. It was a collection of old Donald Duck cartoons. “What are you even talking about?”

She rolled her eyes, “They are just trying to copy Duck Tales. Why is it that as soon as someone makes something good that people like, they have to ruin it by making a bunch of quick cheap things that copy it? Donald Duck isn’t even one of the main characters.”

I glanced back and forth between the little girl and the duck, and tried to find words, “But… this is Donald Duck… it’s… you do realize of course…”

But it was too late. She was already running to catch up with her sister. They joined hands, two mixed up girls, in a mixed up generation, living in a mixed up world. A world where Donald Duck is a spin off of Duck Tales and something with the word Disney on it could actually be referred to as “cheap”.