Today at lunch Clara poked at her salad, clearly deep in thought. I put down my fork and waited for her to form whatever thought she was working on.

“Dad, do you know what I would like to do? Like, the top of my bucket list?”

“What’s that?”

“I want to cut open a honey comb.” She sighed. “It just looks so good when you see it in videos… I wish I was doing it right now actually.”

She reached in the air in front of her and motioned like she was scooping honey from a jar and stuffing it into her mouth.

“Alright, Pooh Bear. What else is on your Bucket list.”

She went back to eating her salad. “Two things. One, I want to own a small business. And two, I want to teach a rabbit to do tricks.”

“A rabbit?”


“To do tricks?”


“But tricks are for kids?”


“Nevermind. So, that seems like a reasonable list, I guess. Honey, Rabbit tricks, Owning a small business. Is that all?”

“Is that not enough? I’m only ten you know,” she stabbed at a cube of cheese and missed five times.

“You’re right. Let’s start small… ish.”