“Lydia, your shirt is on backwards.”

She batted playfully at my hand which was feeling around her collar. “I know Dad! Stop!”

“Would you like me to help you turn it around?”

“No. Thanks.”

“But, it looks silly. You have a pocket back here, even.”

“Yes. Exactly. That’s why it’s on backwards.”

“I… What?”

She rolled her eyes in exasperation, “Daaaad. See, this way I can put my coin in my pocket,” she reached over her shoulder and pulled out a large gold coin. “And then when I lean over,” she dropped the coin back in her pocket and folded herself in half frontways. “The coin does not fall out!” Sure enough, the coin stayed safely inside her tiny backpack. “So, who looks silly now, Dad?” asked Lydia’s upside-down head peering up at me from between her legs.

So, I guess I found out which of my children is going to be an engineer.