“How was the concert last night, Clara?” I called into the backseat. It was the first chance I had to talk to her since she had gone to the Bluegrass festival the night before with her cousin Erin.

She lit up with the memory. “Oh it was so good!” she waved her arms in the air. “I only kind of fell asleep a couple of times. Well, not really fell asleep, but almost fell asleep. I mean, I sort of felt like I was going to fall asleep, but I had to…” she opened her eyes and mouth wide and shook her head back and forth to make her cheeks flop, “you know?”

I did know. I knew what she meant exactly. I nodded, “So, What kind of music did they play?”

“Well,” she looked up at the ceiling. “Two or three times they played something like the Kipper the Dog song.”

I blinked at her. “You mean the theme song? To the cartoon?”

“Yeah. I don’t know. It probably wasn’t that song. But it kind of sounded like it. …maybe it was the Kipper song. It could have been. Probably it was the Kipper the Dog song…”

“Cool…” I said, and we drove on in silence for a few moments.

“It was really great,” she said. And I’m sure she meant it, but she continued. “In the middle of the concert, the man said, ‘We could keep playing for hours and hours!'” She smiled in a funny sort of way and turned to look out the window, “…and then they did.” The grey rain streaked slowly by, “…they did keep playing for hours and hours…”